Getting to the Finish Line



When you set out to accomplish your vision, goals, and dreams, you have to know that you’re going to go through something to get to its fruition. As we move forward this year in pursuit of our visions and dreams, there are three things you must know that will help navigate these often emotional waters.

First, you must let go of how you thought it would be. When our vision and dreams are revealed to us, we automatically begin imagining what it will be like to fulfill it, and we set our expectations based on that imagination. The excitement of the end result often leads us straight to the glory of the accomplishment, but leaves us short on the expectations of what it will take to get there. Because we have already set our expectations of what we think the process will be like, when obstacles and distractions enter the picture, we have a hard time adjusting. What you have to understand is not making the adjustment, and continuously remaining focused on what you envisioned the process to be like will keep you frustrated, angry, dismayed, and blinded to the opportunities for growth and development in your situation.

You also need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s easy to sit back and go with the flow, but the flow isn’t always going in the direction that’s best for you. The Holy Bible says it best, “Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial.” When you sit back and go with the flow the current carries you, and usually doesn’t require you to do much work. You’re able to just coast through life. But it’s the rough waters, rocky terrain, hills, and valleys, that uncomfortable friction and stretching, that develops you. In the words of Denzel Washington, “Ease is the greatest threat to progress.” So if you really want to live a full life, and see your visions and dreams manifest, you must get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Finally, you must learn to utilize S.E.I. , Spiritual Emotional Intelligence. What is that? It’s the capacity to be aware of, control, and express your emotions, while being spiritually centered. While emotions are a natural human response, in most cases we are responding to circumstances and situations on a surface level without knowing or looking at the big picture. Yes, there will be disappointments, setbacks, misunderstandings, and general distractions. There will be times when you want to quit, and the way seems too hard. But during these times, you must remember to stay spiritually centered.  Take your focus off of the problem, spiritually center yourself, and put your eyes back on the big picture. By doing this, you will become solution driven and able to discern opportunities for growth and development along your journey. If you’re emotionally all over the place you will self sabotage every time.

While life may not be presenting you with the picture of what you thought it would be, don’t allow your expectations, comfort, and emotions to take you on a ride that leads you further away from your ultimate goal. As always, thanks for stopping by. Please like, share, and follow this blog. And remember, today is a great day to make a difference in the lives of those around you. 

Published by T. Lynn Tate

I am a story mid-wife, writer, and Talk Show Host. I specialize in helping women tell their stories of healing to wholeness through various faith-based genres. I am the host of the online talk show series Penned The Writer's Utopia and Sip & Chat with T. Lynn.

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