Changing My Tune

Have you ever felt like your mind just runs on a loop, and replays incidents and things spoken to you over and over like a broken record, especially the bad and hurtful ones? You want to get over it, but every time you start moving forward, that thing skips and goes on a repeat cycle.Continue reading “Changing My Tune”

4 Steps to a Sustainable Lifestyle Change

Six months ago, I embarked on a path that is literally changing and transforming my life. I became a Vegan. Not because I had family and friends persuading me to convert, or because it was the latest and greatest fad. I chose to transition because it was the best decision for me and my health.Continue reading “4 Steps to a Sustainable Lifestyle Change”

Getting to the Finish Line

When you set out to accomplish your vision, goals, and dreams, you have to know that you’re going to go through something to get to its fruition. As we move forward this year in pursuit of our visions and dreams, there are three things you must know that will help navigate these often emotional waters.