Tis’ the Season… To be Thankful

  Courtesy of Psychologytoday.com   Yesterday was the kick off of the winter holiday season.  At least that’s what I call it.  For the first time in many years I was excited to celebrate Thanksgiving.  I spent the day making great memories with my family.  It felt good cooking side by side with my belovedContinue reading “Tis’ the Season… To be Thankful”

What Did You Do With Your Talent?

I was recently reminded of the biblical parable of the Talents. Yes, I’ve heard the story many times before; but this time it really stood out to me. It made me ask myself what did and am I doing with my talent? So in the parable, three servants were given an unequal portion of money.  The two withContinue reading “What Did You Do With Your Talent?”