Authentically You

As I celebrate my personal National Holiday, my birthday, I sit and look at my life in awe. I remember as a child I would always wonder what I would look like, and where I would be when I was 20, 30, 40, etc. I am so grateful that I have been able to now see all of those milestones.  

In my 20’s, I spent my time hopping on different roads trying to figure out where the heck I was going. In my 30’s, I spent a lot of time being frustrated from all the u-turns I had to make, from all the wrong turns, and turns I missed driving without clear directions. Now at the turn of 40, I am finally on the right road, headed in the right direction, and constantly checking my GPS to make sure I stay on the right route.  

No, it has not been easy, but it hasn’t been all bad either. If I were to speak with my younger self today, this is what I would tell her. First and foremost, embrace your uniqueness, and never trade it in to be a carbon copy of someone else. Dating is cool, but don’t get hung up on it. If he doesn’t see the beauty and value in you, then it’s his loss, not yours. That gift that’s inside of you to write and tell stories, own it and hone it! It was given to you for a reason, and while it may not be the norm and make sense to others, stick with it. It will take you places beyond what you could ever dream.

If you are seated at the table, you belong there even when it doesn’t feel like it. Be confident, yet humble, and always show gratitude. Always be ready to learn from those who go before you, encourage those who walk with you, and teach those that follow you. Don’t fault God for the failures and disappointments of people, they have the right to choose just as you. Keep God as your center and compass, and always, always remember to authentically be you!

As always, I thank you for stopping by. I hope this encourages you. Remember today is a great day to make a positive difference and impact in the lives of those around you by being friendly, showing favor, and giving love! Peace and Blessings unto you!

Published by T. Lynn Tate

I am a story mid-wife, writer, and Talk Show Host. I specialize in helping women tell their stories of healing to wholeness through various faith-based genres. I am the host of the online talk show series Penned The Writer's Utopia and Sip & Chat with T. Lynn.

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