Do Your Part

The other day, I sat and watched as Baltimore City experienced pure chaos, wondering if my friends and family that lived there were ok.   Many of the areas affected, I have been through at various times during my visits to the city. I can only imagine the heart break the residents were feeling as they watched their neighborhood businesses be looted and practically burned to the ground.  I was glued to the TV unable to disconnect.  I watched as some expressed their anger, others their dismay, and others take a stand against those rioting and looting.  I listened as this one woman cried out, “Where are the community leaders?  Who is in charge?  Why aren’t these community leaders down here?”


The interesting thing is toward the end of last year, I found myself saddened as many of the few remaining civil rights activist passed away.   A lot of the history, determination, and civil fight went with them.  I thought to myself then, “Who is going to pick up this torch now?  Who is going to lead us through the next wave of the new civil rights movement?”   In this day and time, there seems to be a huge disconnect between where we’ve been, and where we are going.  I remember once reading a quote that said, “If you don’t know your history, you are bound to repeat it.”  With this disconnect, I feel like we are finding ourselves repeating some of our history.  There are lessons and wisdom that should be passed down from generation to generation, but some where along the line some of these very vital bits of information got lost.  And please let me be clear, when I say “we” and “us”, I am talking about we the American People. 


While I realize I am definitely not destined to be a community activist, I do have a role and a major part to play in bridging the gap.  What is my part?  Educate, mentor, counsel, and nurture those who come across my path, especially those of the younger generation.  I was so relieved and inspired when I saw how much of a difference one day made in Baltimore.  Religious leaders of all different faiths, community leaders, street leaders, all came together to try to bring peace and educate those who were angry and eager to get their point across.  I loved that they opened their doors to bring people in and show them, this is how you protest, this is how you keep the conversation on the heart of the matter.  Other cities are joining in and protesting in their own home towns.  Now, we are rising as a people, an American people to say, “Enough is Enough!”


So what is the point of today’s post?  The point is do your part.  You may not be the lead, the understudy, or the co-star.  You may be a prop or a stage hand, but whatever  you are, you are a part of the supporting cast.  Find your place, and do your part.  Our society and children need you.  As always thank you for stopping by, remember as you go through your day to Be Friendly, Show Favor, and Give Love.  

Published by T. Lynn Tate

I am a story mid-wife, writer, and Talk Show Host. I specialize in helping women tell their stories of healing to wholeness through various faith-based genres. I am the host of the online talk show series Penned The Writer's Utopia and Sip & Chat with T. Lynn.

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